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Links to Other Sites

These are links to various birding-related web sites; if you would like to share a favourite site with everyone else, please send details.

Algarve Apartments and Villas  Great discounts of up 30% on rounds of golf when you book one of our apartments. Discounts on various excursions throughout the Algarve.

All-Birds  provides identification tips, photographs, songs and calls, and more. Also, how to attract favourite birds to your backyard with feeders. (American website)

BBC Birmingham  have a feature on the Big Garden Birdwatch and information on how to take part, make bird cakes and tables.

BBC Countryfile Magazine  With places to visit, local food to taste and outdoor pursuits to experience, Countryfile Magazine tackles the latest rural and environmental stories, explaining how they affect you today.

BBC Nature  has web pages dedicated to Birds on its Nature web site.  Find binoculars at, Low prices, fast delivery and a wide range.  Specialist bird shop supplying wooden bird houses, bird feeders and bird nesting boxes for your garden.

Birdguides Ltd  publish a wide range of CD-ROMs, videos, and guides. Also provide rare and common bird sighting news and other interesting articles.

Birding Adventures  explore the best exotic birding destinations on the planet providing information and adventure with an emphasis in conservation, and highlighting the importance and urgency of preserving the planet’s incredible birdlife

Birding Point  Bird Blog by Ozgun.

Birding Site Guide  provides birders with free, where to watch birds information at over 530 sites worldwide.

Bird On  is hosted by Jacobi Jayne & Company and has information on wild birds, how to attract them to the garden, and articles by the late Chris Mead.

Birds of Holland  is a bilingual Dutch site - check out the fantastic photographs!  supply beautiful contemporary bird tables that are designed and made in England by skilled craftsmen using materials that are of the finest quality.  provides free birdwatching trip reports from around the world.

Brinsea - Garden Bird Products  are a range of Novabird garden bird products imported to the UK from the USA. These innovative products have been designed by bird lovers and include a fully automatic digital camera with motion sensor and a variety of bird feeders.

Brinvale Bird Foods  is a family run business on an arable farm and sells wild bird food and seed feeders

British Bird Food  supplies top quality wild bird seeds and other wild bird food, in environmentally friendly packaging, in addition to a wide range of garden bird feeders and nest boxes.

British Bird Lovers  is dedicated to anyone who enjoys caring for and observing wild birds.

British Wildlife Helpline  among other things this site has a very useful list of wildlife centres in Britain.

BTO  is the charity that manages surveys, including the Garden Birdwatch, and use the information to research bird populations, behaviour and conservation.

Cadmans Animal Feeds  Apart from selling a wide range of animal feeds they also stock a large selection of wild bird seeds available at excellent prices.

Catalan Bird Tours  offers birding holidays and tours in Spain for families and serious birders.

CJ Wildbird Foods Ltd  support the Garden Birdwatch project, but also sell a wide range of bird foods and feeders.

Colchester Natural History Society 

Common Swift  is dedicated solely to the Common Swift and has lots of fascinating information, photographs and a discussion board.

Concept Research  are a British manufacturer of ultrasonic (inaudible to people) deterrents for garden pests such as cats, foxes, dogs and mice.

Cornwall Birding  This is the official website of the Cornwall Birding Association.

Deans Family Garden Birds  is mostly garden bird photos and a bird feeder webcam.

Discovering Alpine Birds  is a blog sharing the natural delights of the Alps of Tirol.

dk garden design  Award winning garden designers, landscape consultants and garden builders. Committed organic grower and designer.

DTSystems  is an audio systems company, but they have a page including drawings and photos of their sparrow terrace nest box, feeding birds, preventing predation, etc.

Education Quizzes  provides quizzes especially for 11 to 14 year olds including these latest British Bird Quizzes.  supports sustainable nature travel in Malaysia and Borneo, including a birdwatching tour.

English Country Garden  is a celebration of the diversity of birds and other animals, and flowers and trees found in an English country garden.

Forestry Enterprise  is the Forestry Commissions Agency responsible for managing the country's forests and woodlands.

Garden Bird Watching  is an amateur site created by garden bird enthusiasts with lots of photographs and the purpose of sharing an interest and perhaps help others to appreciate their garden visitors.

Garden Gift Shop  includes a range of owl and kestrel nest boxes as well as bird box cameras and other digital wildlife cameras.

Gardenature  (formerly Wig Wam Wild Cams) offer a range of wildlife cameras that let you experience the thrill and excitement of watching the secret lives of your garden visitors from the comfort of your own living room.

Gerald Geoghegan  runs a library of moving images of British and European Wildlife. This footage may be licensed for use in film makers production. Freeze-frame examples of his work can be found on this site.

Guided Birdwatching  Find a birding guide for your next trip.

Haith's  are a quality bird food manufacturer and mail order supplier.  sell a wide range of bird box cameras and wildlife cameras throughout UK, Europe and World. The hand made, plug in and play, Cornish nest boxes were featured on BBC Springwatch and make perfect gifts for young and old.

Happy Beaks  aim to deliver the best quality bird food possible, as fast as possible and at the best price too.

Harrison Telescopes  stock a large collection of binoculars and spotting scopes which may be of interest to the keen Bird Watcher.

Help British Wildlife  another site offering advice on caring for injured wildlife, including a list of rescue centres.

Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  (ISPCA) for help in Eire

Living with Birds  offer a wealth of information and articles on the birds of the UK, while offering some feeds and anti-pest feeders.

Mull Birds  is a site for birdwatchers with an interest in Argyll and the islands.

Musikverlag Edition AMPLE  offers DVDs, CDs, MP3s, apps and more of bird songs and other sounds of nature in English, German and French.  produce and supply personalised mouse mats from your own personal photo or picture.

National Trust  looks after threatened coastline, countryside and buildings.

Natural Born Birder  is the work of Julian Bell, a birder in Norway. There are lots of photos and there will be details of seabird migration.

Natural History Pictures  is a photographic library of British flora and fauna (and some other countries). The stunning photographs are the work of John Robinson.

Nature in Art  (UK) is the worlds first museum and art gallery dedicated exclusively to art inspired by nature. Artists include: Picasso, David Shepherd, Audubon, Simon Combes, Peter Scott and many others.

Nature in Art (USA)  is the website of Sue Shimeld, who is a wildlife artist, natural history illustrator and pet portrait artist. There's a gallery to visit where you can admire some of her work and a shop from where you can buy a fine artwork.

Ornithopod  is Elizabeth and Malcolm's video diary of two nest boxes. Last year they recorded a pair of Blue Tits nest building, egg laying, hatching and finally fledging. Visit in the summertime and check on this year's progress.

Peckish Bird Food  products have been carefully designed to deliver the very best food aimed at a variety of species of bird.

Photorasa  is a photo blog of birds, as well as other animals, places and much more.

Quantum Tiger  is the website of Ian Coleman, an amateur photographer specialising in wildlife and landscape photography.

Riverside Woodcraft  is a small family business making an impressive selection of wildlife products including bird tables and nest boxes, as well as specialising in custom made nest boxes.

Robert E Fuller  is a wildlife artist and his website displays some of his fantastic paintings of British birds and mammals, and other wild animals from around the world. Paintings, prints and cards are also available for purchase.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  (RSPCA) for help in England and Wales.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds  is Europe's largest wildlife conservation charity with over 1 million members.

Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  (SSPCA) for help in Scotland

Sennen Cove Birdwatching  gives a daily update of birds seen in the Penwith area of Cornwall, which is one of the top birding areas in the UK.

Sheffield Bird Study Group  is primarily concerned with birds and conservation issues in and around Sheffield. Also information about activities, news, etc.  is diary for a small private garden in Scotland that includes video clips of visiting garden birds.

Sittelle  produces audio CDs of bird songs and other sounds of nature, and interactive CD-ROMs of European wildlife.

Soar Mill Seeds  Based on a south Devon farm, this company sell bird food, feeders, bird tables and nest boxes. Catalogue available.

Sparrowhawk Island  is dedicated to studying the lives of sparrowhawks.

Steven Round Bird Photography  - A growing collection of excellent photographs of birds, mammals and insects, and some will take your breath away when you see the detail.

SueRob Photography  has a wonderful selection of photographs, many of British Birds but also other wildlife and landscapes taken by Sue Robinson.

The Nature Blog  are the ramblings of an amateur naturalist, Richard Adams.

The Netherfield Wildlife Group  monitors the Netherfield Lagoons, Nottinghamshire.

Thomson & Morgan  are well-known suppliers of quality seeds to gardeners, but they also produce a Bird Catalogue of plants, seeds, and bird food and feeders for creating a wildlife haven in your garden.

Tills Innovations  is a small family company that designs and manufactures many products, such as bird baths, in natural stone from a quarry for gardens and landscapes.

Trevor's Web Site  includes photographs and notes on the birds that visit his garden, on the south coast of England, and the nearby cliffs.

UK.BIRDWATCHING.REC  newsgroup discusses birdwatching matters of interest to birders in the UK. Topics range from sightings, optical equipment, feeding, nesting, photography and biology.

Ulster Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  (USPCA) for help in Northern Ireland

Vine House Farm  sell wild bird food, feeders and accessories. They support the Wildlife Trusts and grow as much of the wild bird seed on their conservation award winning farm as possible.

When to Watch Wildlife  is a month by month guide to what wildlife you can see in Britain. It is a non-commercial site, produced by a passionate wildlife enthusiast.

Wild Bird Food  British bird food Shop in Hampshire UK supplies wild bird food, wild bird seed, garden bird food and garden bird seed for your birds. Along with bird special offers, bird seed and bird food we stock includes sunflower hearts, sunflower seeds, mealworms, suet balls, suet pellets, fat balls for birds, seed mixes, niger seeds, premium peanuts, live foods. Also we supply bird feeders and bird feeding accessories like bird seed feeders, bird table, bird water bath and nest box for birds.

Wild Bird Photography in Greece  is a systematic photo gallery of wild Greek birds.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust  was founded in 1946 by the late Sir Peter Scott. The Trust aims to save wetlands for wildlife and people.

Wildfowl Photography  contains photographs, videos and information on many species of wildfowl (Ducks, Geese, and Swans) from around the world.

Wildlife Gardening with Jenny Steel  is about getting started with wildlife gardening and the wildlife that could be around in your garden at the moment. By a plant ecologist and professional wildlife gardener.

Wildlife Photographic Journals  is Richard Steel's blog of breathtaking bird and wildlife photographs.

Woodland Trust  is the UK's leading charity dedicated solely to the protection of our native woodland heritage.

X Stitch Birds  is a UK company producing and selling spectacular cross-stitch kits and charts of birds.