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Blue Tits In My Nest Box

Blue Tits in my Nest Box In 2006, a small camera inside a nest box provided a privileged view on the day-to-day nesting activities of one of our most popular and adorable garden birds, the Blue Tit.

The nest was built hesitatingly over the first couple of weeks. Then, one morning, a couple of eggs appeared in the nest and each day afterwards the female laid another one. Incubating the eggs was slow and, at times, tedious to watch but then after about a fortnight the climax of one of Nature’s miracles was reached. One by one, the blind, naked nestlings hatched from their eggs. As the remarkable development of the nestlings is followed in this book, there are moments of happiness and great sadness, but ultimately the heart-warming joy of seeing the Blue Tit fledglings emerge from their nest.

This whole drama was originally reported on-line in the Blue Tit Nest Box Diary, but has now been brought together with additional material into this small book. The limited edition printed book sold out quickly but the electronic or e-book version is still available in Adobe PDF or now in Kindle Edition.

A sample of the PDF version is available for download here (700KB).

Adobe PDF Version

Adobe PDF Version
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