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British Garden Birds is dedicated to helping garden birdwatchers to identify and enjoy the birds that visit their gardens, and to understand the birds' lives and behaviour.

This Month...

In June, we see and hear the most fledgling and juvenile birds. They often look unfinished with downy feathers often protruding from their heads, sometimes they have different plumage to their parents and the remains of their yellow gapes. They will be begging food from their parents and often from any other nearby bird.

Did you know...

Look out for fledgling birds. They often look very different to their adults and now is a good time to learn the differences, while they are side-by-side with their parents. For starters, look for young Robins, which don't have a red breast, Blue Tits, which are more yellowy, and Starlings, which are a plain drab brown.

Things to do...

Do not be tempted to interfere with newly-fledged birds. They may appear helpless and abandoned but their parents are usually not too far away. They may also look clumsy but this doesn't mean they are injured. Unless the bird is in danger from cats or cars, or you're certain it is an orphan or injured, leave it alone. Find out more 


Blue Tits in my Nest Box Blue Tits in my Nest Box follows the day-to-day nesting activities of a family of adorable Blue Tits in a nest box.

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